About Collection

Cultural property is the totality of all moveable or immovable property relating to science, culture, religion or the fine arts from an era of history or prehistory, or else property with special scientific or cultural value to social life in an era of history or prehistory, whether above ground, underground or underwater. In Turkey, cultural property came under protection with the Cultural and Natural Property Protection Law no. 2863.

The Ankara Immovable Cultural Property Inventory is the product of work carried out for a VEKAM project between 1996-1998 by art historians Gökçe Günel, Müberra Günel, Nesibe Acar and Ahmet Bal. It is based on the photographs of the immovable cultural property of the Altındağ district taken between 1978-1979 and a study carried out on the inventory of the Culture Ministry at the time. As part of the study, 633 registered pieces of immovable cultural property in Altındağ district were inventoried and these records placed online for researchers to access.