Material Request Form

You may submit your requests using Library and Archive Material Request Form.

The intellectual and property rights on the material of Koç University is reserved. The copyright ofmaterial that is held by Koç University is accessible to the public both inside and outside the campus if digitized. Providing that it has no commercial purpose for educational and research purposes, it can be used by attribution with the permission of Koç University.

Attribution to the material may be made as follows.
[Title of Material]. (Year), Name of Collection, Inventory / Inventory number, Suna Kıraç Library [or holding branch library], Koç University.

Publishing and usage
Koç University has the right to open access and use of the digitized collections for research and educational purposes at internet. The materials can only be used for research and educational purposes, in which case they must refers to the collection and to Koç University. Any reproduction, production or profit making by distribution of such analogue or digital materials by any third party or institution without the permission of Koç University Archives is contrary to the principles stipulated in the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works. Koç University protects its legal rights in violation of copyright by complying with the provisions of the law if third parties or institutions that use the materials without permission gain commercial benefit from this use.

While the circumstances that constitute commercial purpose are as follows, all cases that constitute material gain are in this scope:
a. The publications on sale for profiting by the Koç University Publications/institutions
b. TV programs, films, documentaries, e-commerce applications made with commercial purpose
c. Commercial advertisement
d. Works for sale obtained by converting from archival material

The digital collections of Koç University Libraries is under the authority and permission of Koç University for commercial purposes listed above.

Terms Of Use
1. Koç University Archives, digital copies of a collection/ fund and/or series or all of the same theme material in the archive are not digital copy is not provided to users.

2. The person or institution that will use the material should refer to Koç University

3. The person who will use the digital copy must fill out a usage application form, material request form and official reportwhen the materials delivered.

4. The format of the digital copy in the material request form (JPEG, TIFF, MP3, WAV, GIF, PNG, BMP, AVI, MPEG, MIDI, etc.) should be stated.

5. When digital copy burn to CD, should be provided for the service fee during the search and preparation of the material

6. A physical copy of the sample (book, thesis, article, etc.) produced for research, education, etc. using the digital copy should be submitted to the Koç University Suna Kıraç Library Directorate. If there are no digital copies, if the copies were used for an event, news about the event, information, brochures, etc. materials should be submitted to Koç University Suna Kıraç Library Directorate.