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Reading Room Policies and Procedures

Koç University Suna Kıraç Library Archive Collections, and some rare books can be viewed in the Special Collections & Archive Area located in the basement floor, and Most of the Rare Books can be viewed in the Nesteren and Fuat Bayramoğlu Rare Books Room located on the First Floor. All onsite access are subject to special permission. Before the document examination, the LPPD Privacy Notice text must be read and the Rare Books and Manuscripts Usage Form to be provided by the Librarian must be filled and approved.

The rules and procedures, stated below, are applied in use of materials in the archives:

Please inform the archive department about the materials to be used beforehand

  • Please be in the library on the appointment time
  • Before handling the materials, do not use Lotions and hand sanitizers as they contain harmful residues.
  • All materials in the department are non-circulating and must be used in designated areas.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the archive rooms.
  • All personal belongings, except those necessary for research (such as single sheets of paper, pencils, cell phones, and laptop computers), should be placed in the reading room lockers. This includes coats, backpacks, three-ring binders, spiral bound notebooks, and laptop cases. Legal pads and laptop cases will also need to be placed inside a locker.
  • All rare books and manuscripts books must be used in a cradle that staff member will provide.
  • Gloves are required to handle materials, particularly negatives, photographs, metal objects, and prints, and manuscripts. A staff member will provide you with these upon your arrival.
  • Pens and highlighters may not be used in the reading room–only pencils and laptops are allowed.
  • Personal copiers and scanners are not allowed.
  • Researchers are allowed to view 4 rare books or 2 rare books at a time.
  • Researchers are permitted to use one box and one folder from the box at a time. Please take care to keep the documents in the file in the order in which you found them.

Visiting Archives:

Visiting Hours: Monday – Friday : 09:00 – 16:00*

*Using materials related to Archive Department is possible by appointment. Please contact the staff to make an email appointment in advance

*Religious and official holidays as well as weekends are not included in appointment procedure.

Suna Kıraç Library

Visiting Hours: Monday – Friday : 09:00 – 16:00*

Location: Suna Kıraç Library, Basement (Special Collections/University Archives Repository)
Suna Kıraç Library, 1st Floor (Nesteren and Fuat Bayramoğlu Rare Books Room)

Phone no: (+90) 0212 338 13 18


AKMED Library

Visiting Hours: Monday – Friday : 10:00am – 04:00pm

Location: AKMED Library, Kaleiçi, Antalya

Contact: (+90) 242 243 42 74 (Library)


VEKAM Library & Archive

Visiting Hours: Monday – Friday: 09:00am-05:30pm

Location: Pınarbaşı, 9, Şht. Hakan Turan Cd., 06280 Keçiören/Ankara

Contact: (+90) 0312 355 20 27 (Library & Archive)


Document or Image Copy Requests:

Please use this link to send your requests.