About Collection

The owner of Antalya Newspaper is Mr. Mehmet Emin, and its administration is housed in his own printing house, located in the Şarampol neighborhood of Antalya. The newspaper is noted to have a private residence in the same neighborhood.

In the Akmed Library, there are 145 copies of the newspaper written in Ottoman Turkish, published between January 24, 1924, and January 16, 1925. Many of these copies are duplicates, with the majority being 4 pages, while a few consist of only 2 pages. The selling price of the newspaper is observed to be 5 kuruş.

The significant headlines of the newspaper have been translated into contemporary Turkish by Dr. Senem Gönenç, and content summaries have been provided.

Collection Summary

Title: Antalya Newspaper Collection
Date range: 1924-1925
Creator(s): Acquisition was achieved through purchase for the collection.
Institution: Koç Üniversitesi AKMED Library
Collection Number: ANTGZT
Extent: 145 Copies
Language(s): Ottoman Turkish (Translation is only Turkish)
Abstract: It consists of 145 newspapers published in Antalya. In addition to daily news, the newspaper provides information about the socio-economic structure of the period.