Collection Guide


Abstract: The collection includes photographs, letters, commercial arrangements and ephemeral archive materials about Vehbi Koç’s commercial and social life.

Institution: VEKAM Digital Collections

Curation: VEKAM Library and Archive Unit

Format: JPEG

Language: Turkish

Access And Usage

Digital Access

The collection materials are digitalized when their conservation processes are completed, and they are opened to access online.

Physical Access

VEKAM Vehbi Koc Collection materials are present in the archive room. Researchers are not allowed to access the original material, as it is a personal collection.

Copyright & Use

Koc University VEKAM owns the copyrights of the materials in the collection. These materials are only available for educational purposes. For other uses, please get in contact with VEKAM Library and Archive unit via e-mail address.

Preferred Reference

[Title of the material], [Inventory number]. Vehbi Koc Collection, Koc University VEKAM Library and Archive. [URL reference for digitalized materials]


Administrative/Biographic History

With the establishment of VEKAM, Sevgi Gönül’s studies on -Koc Holding documents regarding Vehbi Koc’s Ankara years-  the compilation of the Vehbi Koc Collection gathered pace. The curation process focused on Vehbi Koç’s early years, both in business and social life,  a relatively little known period. After these efforts the collection was developed to its present status with purchases and donations. The collection is in a static status. However some materials donated by Koc Holding and Vehbi Koc Foundation are added to the collection.

Note on Scope and Context

The collection is composed of photographs, letters, commercial documents, and ephemeral archive materials regarding Vehbi Koc’s commercial and social life. Law School’s construction plans as one of the most important works of Vehbi Koc’s Ankara years; first bills dating to early years of Koc Enterprise; commercial registration files and documents; visuals about Vehbi Koc’s daily life are few of the important items in the collection. The collection is an important source for the researcher who aims to evaluate Republic’s economic development referring to Vehbi Koc’s carrier.


Registrations are organized according to VEKAM Library and Archive Unit’s original order and provenance norms.

3 small boxes + 1 large box

Audio – Visual Materials

Processing Notes


Although the digitalization process of the collection started with outsourcing, all the processes of the collection have been carried out by VEKAM personnel for the last five years.