About Collection

Vehbi Koç Collection took off with the foundation of VEKAM, as Sevgi Gönül compiled certain documents of Koç Holding, with a view to shedding light on the years in which Vehbi Koç operated in Ankara, and ensured their archival at VEKAM. The collection’s development focused on the earlier part of Vehbi Koç’s business and social life, an era which is known relatively less and which could do with more focus. Thereafter, the collection grew through donations and procurements, to reach to its current state.

The collection contains photos, letters, commercial documents, and ephemeral archival materials concerning Vehbi Koç’s business and social life. The plans of the Law School building, one of the most important construction works carried out by Vehbi Koç during his Ankara years; invoices from the earliest years of Koç Ticaret A.Ş.; trade registry file and documents; and images about the daily life of Vehbi Koç are only a few of the leading elements of the collection.The collection serves as a valuable source to researchers who wish to investigate the economic development of the Republic, with particular reference to the career and economic enterprise of Vehbi Koç.