About Collection

The Keskin Color Postcard Collection includes nearly 10000 postcards produced by Keskin Color between 1960 and 2000, reflecting the urban life, daily life and architecture of almost all cities in Turkey, and more than 6000 postcards are currently digitally accessible. The collection is of great importance in terms of enabling the tracing of socio-cultural and urban change in Turkey. The collection is also one of the most comprehensive postcard collections presented in its original integrity.

The Keskin Color Postcard Collection contributes to Turkey’s cultural memory through a variety of subjects such as cityscapes, historical monuments and artefacts, archaeological sites, tourism architecture and daily life. The archival materials in the collection provide important images for documenting urbanisation, demographic changes and transformations in Turkey in the 20th century. The postcards were photographed by professional photographers commissioned by the Keskin Color company, who photographed the cities and monuments from the most appropriate angles. Therefore, the image on the postcards reflects the location of the monument, itself and its surroundings very well. Although postcards, which were once the most common means of communication, have been replaced by other means, they continue to contain valuable information for researchers.

Hacettepe students Öykü Işıl Turhan and Elif Çeçen and Koç University student Damla Dalgıç took part in the collection processing.

Collection Summary

Title: Keskin Color Postcard Collection
Date Range: 1960-2000
Creator(s): Keskin Color
Institution: Suna Kıraç Library, Special Collections and Archives
Collection number: KES
Extent: 77 Boxes
Language(s): Turkish