About Collection

There are approximately 15000 materials which comprise different type of documents in Ankara State Conservatory Collection (Musiki Muallim Mektebi) which is known as one of the first state conservatory of Republic of Turkey. Musiki Muallim Mektebi was foundend in 1924 and Osman Zeki Üngör was the first director of the conservatory. Musiki Muallim Mektebi which is converted to Ankara State Conservatory in 1936 still functions as a conservatory. The conservatory consists of two basic departments as; music and performing arts in 1936. The music departments includes piano, string, percussion instruments, wind instruments and chaconne while the performing arts includes theatre, opera and ballet.

The collection includes; student application and institution’s correspondence letters. The materials in the collection plays an important role in terms of reflecting the educational progress between 1925 – 1956. The collection’s digitalisation process of archival materials are still continuing but only the student application letters of 1934s is available online . The digitisation process of the collection is planned to completed in few years. In addition the number of materials with an educational theme grew substantially as documents belonging to the Musiki Muallim Mektebi (now Ankara State Conservatory), one of the educational institutions which played a leading role in modernization were donated as well.