Descriptive Summary


Koç University Vehbi Koç Ankara Studies Research Center (VEKAM)


Ankara Documents Collection

Inventory No / Call Number:

A001-; LA001; ACB0001-; LACB003-


These materials contain writings in Turkish, Ottoman, English, French, German, Bulgarian and Italian.


1750-1980 (Approximate period covered)

Physical Description:

13 boxes, 1 big boxes
Box 1: A002- A060
Box 2: A061- A108
Box 3: A109- A164
Box 4: A165- A204
Box 5: A205- A271
Box 6: A272- A359
Box 7: A360- A429
Box 8: A430- A499
Box 9: A500- A534
Box 10: A289-A290-A320-A350-ACB0041
Box 11: ACB001- ACB0056
Box 12: ACB0057- ACB0092
Box 13: A535-
Big Box: LA001- LA011, LACB003- LACB012


Administrative/Biographic History

Ankara Documents Collection is opened to access since the first day VEKAM opened its doors. It became an important collection within the 25 years of the institution by purchases and donations. The collection is still developing.


There isn’t English subject headings in the collection.



Ankara Documents Collection is composed of various ephemeral materials such as foundation documents, Ottoman firmans, berats, court registrations, bills, letters, diplomas, school reports, correspondences, identity cards, invitations, posters, postcards, advertisement cards and baggage tags both from the Ottoman and Republican periods.

Access Information

The collection is open to research.


Copyright and Usage

The materials in this collection may only be used for research and education purposes with appropriate sourcing. The intellectual rights of the materials in this collection are reserved under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846. This law is applicable in relation to the reproduction, production or distribution in any sense by any third party individual or institution without the permission of Koç University VEKAM.


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[Title of Material]. (Date). Ankara Document Collection, Inventory Number, VEKAM Library and Archive, Koç University.

Historical Information

Ankara is a region that carries the traces of many different civilizations from ancient times to the present day. The first important settlements in Ankara were in Phrygian times. The city then came under the dominance of the Lydians, Persians, Galatians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and the Ilkhanids. The collection is composed of various kinds of documents and ephemeral materials, which are important for Ankara’s history. These materials which are an important source of information for the city history such as deed of trust of foundations and documents; official letters sent to persons or legal entities; correspondences of foreign missions; Ottoman firmans; berats; court registrations; bonds; bills; letters; diplomas; school reports; correspondences; identity cards; invitations, notifications; posters; tickets; postcards, brochures, from both the Ottoman and Republican era are part of this collections.


Arrangement of the Collection

The materials in the collection are divided into those with an educational theme, large-sized items and other Ankara themes.