About Collection

Selçuk Emden Photography Collection contains photographs taken by photographer Selçuk Emden over the years on various subjects and his notebooks on photography. The collection consists of his photographs documenting the geography and flora of Anatolia, his travels in the United States, Europe and Turkey, and especially the lost civil and monumental architecture of Kayseri, the archaeological heritage of the region, the industrialization process of the region, and different forms of social life in the region. The notebooks kept by the photographer over the years contain important information on printing techniques, photographic theory and technology of the period. The classification, inventory and digitization of the Selçuk Emden Collection, which is a valuable resource for studies in the field of art/architecture and industrial photography and the visual memory of Kayseri and the Central Anatolia Region, started in 2023 and the collection was opened to access in 2024. This valuable collection of Kayseri-based photographer Selçuk Emden aims to increase the visibility of photography studies in Turkey and serve as a source for new research.

Collection Summary

Title: Selçuk Emden Photography Collection
Date range: 1960-2010
Creator(s): Selçuk Emden
Institution: Suna Kıraç Library, Special Collections and Archives
Collection number: SEM
Extent: 7034 document