Collection Guide



The collection is composed of documents and audio records of VEKAM organizations such as activities, symposiums, panels, conferences. These materials will be opened to Access with the institutional memory collection.


VEKAM Digital Collections


VEKAM Library and Archive Unit


From 1994 up to present


JPEG, PDF, doc, mp3



Access and Usage

Digital Access:

All the materials of the collection will be digitalized and open to access.

Physical Access

The materials of VEKAM Institutional Memory Collection are present in the Archive Room both physically and digitally. Researchers are not allowed to access the original materials. However researcher may make an appointment with VEKAM Library and Archive Unit to watch original videos of the collection and use them in their research.


Copyrights of the materials in this collection belong to Koç University VEKAM. These materials are only available for educational purposes. For other uses, please get in contact with VEKAM Library and Archive unit via e-mail address.

Preferred Reference

[Title of the material], [Inventory number]. VEKAM Institutional Memory Collection, Koc University VEKAM Library and Archive. [URL reference for digitalized materials]


Administrative/Biographic History

The curation of the collection started in 2016. In 2014 after VEKAM became a part of Koc University the institutional archive was divided into two parts. Firstly the activities that took place between 2014-2018 will be opened to access online. Later the activities between 1994-2014 will be opened to access online.

Note on Scope and Context

VEKAM was established in 1994 within Vehbi Koc Foundation to provide information to researchers who are interested in city history by compiling all kinds of information and documents regarding Ankara. In 2014 VEKAM became a part of Koc University and carried out its mission and developed its scope and academic mission. VEKAM’s mission is to contribute national and international academic dialogue regarding Ankara and its’s environing; to present researches and surveys to larger audiences. Most of VEKAM’s activities, such as symposiums, panels, conferences will be presented to researchers via institutional memory collection.


Registrations are organized according to VEKAM Library and Archive Unit’s original order and provenance norms. Printed materials are kept in the archive room.

Processing Notes


The digitalization process of the collection was carried out by VEKAM personnel. These materials will be digitalized with Copibook Open System İ2S, in 300 dpi as TIFF format. Digitized archive materials will ve transferred to CONTENTdm content management system as JPEG, PDF, and mp3 formats.