About Collection

The KU Theses and Dissertations collection includes over 1500 theses and dissertations digitally dated back to 2003, written by Koç University students of the institutes of Social Sciences & Humanities (GSSH), Sciences & Engineering (GSSE), Business (GSB), and Health Sciences Institute (GSHS) of at Koç University. 

The collection can be filtered by date, institute, program, material type and faculty advisor through website. 

The materials in the collection are accessible and downloadable on KU campuses only. Metadata of the materials are open to researchers and can be viewed outside of the KU campuses. 

Print versions of theses and dissertations are also available at Suna Kıraç Library.

* Attention to Students:

In order to include your thesis/dissertation digitally in Suna Kıraç Library Digital Collections website, all students must fill the thesis consent form accessible via this link and submit  it to their institute with an extra copy of YÖK Thesis Submission Form.