About Collection

This collection offers a wide range of sources on the subjects of ritualistic, cultural, social, and mythological aspects of Anatolian civilizations, as well as linguistic development of the Hittites. Hittitologist/Archaeologist Hatice Gonnet Bağana donated her archives focusing on Anatolian civilizations covering the years 1960-2000 to Koç University in 2014. Hatice Gonnet Bağana, Anatolian Civilizations and Hittite Digital Collection were opened in September 2015.

The archive is an extensive source of religious, cultural, social and mythological aspects, as well as information on the linguistic development of civilizations that lived in Anatolia. It offers a rich accumulation in archeology with a variety of languages ​​in both printed and manuscript materials, including French, Turkish, English, German, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, Arabic and Luwian. This collection offers a variety of visual and printed resources on the ritual traditions, cultural, social and mythological elements of Anatolian civilizations as well as Hittite linguistics. Hatice Gonnet-Bağana Hittite Collection consists of sources such as visuals, handwriting, maps, lecture notes, drawings and drawings of hieroglyphic writings, personal correspondence and official letters, excavation reports, ephemera and posters. The collection can be divided into four main categories:

1) visual collection (photos, slides and negatives from excavation sites);

2) source materials and drawings (published works and handwritten notes by Hatice Gonnet-Bağana);

3) a collection of Laroche Hittite texts (translations and translations of Hittite texts based on the catalog of Hatice Gonnet-Bağana, Emmanuel Laroche);

4) academic publications.

Another important feature of Hatice Gonnet-Bağana Hittite Collection is that visual materials and maps document important archaeological sites and historical monuments in Anatolia.