About Collection

As part of “Local Content in a Europeana Cloud” project, VEKAM’s LoCloud Collection aims to represent the social, economic and cultural history of Ankara with the featured documents in its collections. The collection assembles over 1000 archival materials from the institute’s other collections such as “Ankara Photograph, Postcard, Engraving” and “Ankara Map and Plan Archive” and “Ankara Vineyard House Collection”. Consisting of 100 maps, 712 photographs and 188 objects, this compilation of documents focuses mainly on the fields of urbanism, architecture, education, social life of the city. The records and visual materials related to public buildings and monuments also constitute a significant source for those who are interested in the Early Republic Period in Ankara. As the date of the materials in the collection ranges 1927 to 2000; Ottoman, Turkish and French languages are dominant among the documents. *The project “Local Content in a Europeana Cloud” which purports to achieve “Effective Information Management on Quality Networks” is a project of the European Union (EU) participated by 24 EU Member states as well as 8 more partners including Iceland, Norway, Serbia, and Türkiye. Within the framework of the project, the records of small- and medium-scale cultural heritage establishments such as libraries, archives and museums in project partner countries are to be transferred to Europeana cloud.”