Collection Guide


Abstract: The collection is composed of newspapers and newspaper clippings regarding Vehbi Koç’s, Koç family members’, and Koç Group enterprise’s activities as well as statements delivered by Vehbi Koç to the press.

Institution: Suna Kırac Library, VEKAM Digital Collections

Curation: Vehbi Koç’s secretary Suzan Boyar, VEKAM Library and Archive Unit

Period: 1956-1993

Format: JPEG, PDF

Language: English, German, French, Italian

Access and Usage

Digital Access

The collection materials are digitalized when their conservation processes are completed, and they are opened to access online.

Physical Access

VEKAM Vehbi Koc Newspaper Clippings Collection materials are present in the archive room. Researchers are not allowed to access the original materials.

Copyright & Use

Koc University VEKAM owns the copyrights of the materials in the collection. These materials are only available for educational purposes. For other uses, please get in contact with VEKAM Library and Archive unit via e-mail address.

Preferred Reference

[Title of the material], [Inventory number]. Vehbi Koc Newspaper Clippings Collection, Koc University VEKAM Library and Archive. [URL reference for digitalized materials]


Administrative/Biographic History

The collection, which was composed by Vehbi Koc’s secretary Suzan Boyar from various newspapers and newspaper clippings was donated to VEKAM by Koc Holding. The collection’s inventory and metadata process were carried out by Duygu Kevser Karadağ, original newspapers and newspaper clippings were digitalized, then they were transferred to content management system .

Note on Scope and Context

The collection is composed of 12000 newspaper clippings and texts regarding Vehbi Koc’s, Koç family members’, and Koc Group enterprise’s activities as well as statements delivered by Vehbi Koc to the press.


Registrations are organized according to VEKAM Library and Archive Unit’s original order and provenance norms.

104 small boxes + 8 oversize bounded newspapers

Definitions of the boxes are opened to access in the online library catalog.

Processing Notes


The digitalization process of the collection was carried out at first with outsourcing, and after the reorganization of the inventory, organization materials were digitalized by the VEKAM personnel. Some of the newspapers were formatted as PDF. Newspapers with rich visuality were digitalized as JPEG’s and transferred to CONTENTdm content management system.