About Collection

MAVA Exhibitions Collection, contains student exhibitions that are organized within Koç University Media and Visual Arts Department. By aiming to contribute to the cultural memory of the university, the digital collection intends to gather student projects and exhibitions which are created within the courses of the university; to make these works more accessible and visible; to archive these works in the long term and to transfer to the next generations.

As a starting project, selected photographs in MAVA Photographs Exhibitions which have been organized since 2010 are made accessible. By adding different types of exhibitions to the digital collection, it is planned to enhance the content of this archive platform in the long term.

MAVA Photography Exhibitions comprises over 150 Koç University students’ photographs in 11 exhibitions which are organized in different themes under the curatorship of Laleper Aytek since 2010 within the courses of Koç University Media and Visual Arts Department. Currently the digital collection houses nearly 250 selected works (after the consents of the photographers are taken) among these exhibitions.

* Within the scope of Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, in order to add photographs to the digital collection, consents of the photographers are required. If your photographs take place in any of these exhibitions and to be added in the digital collection, you may contact us via digitalresources@ku.edu.tr related to the consent process.