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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Koç University Vehbi Koç Ankara Studies Research Center (VEKAM)

Title: Ankara Map and Plan archive

Inventory No / Call Number: H001- H298

Language: These materials contain writings in Turkish, Ottoman, English, French, German, Greek and Italian.

Date: 17. – 20. century(Approximate period covered)

Physical Description: 1 large box + 1 small box + a map cabinet with 8 drawers

Access Information: The collection is open to research.

Total of 340 materials.


Ankara Map and Plan Archive is composed of maps that give insight to Ankara and its environs’ administrative, politic, and geographical position through early periods to present as well as maps and plans that Show Ankara’s construction as a capital city and characteristics of Republican period.

Arrangement of the Collection

The materials in the collection covers the theme of Ankara and Ankara’s environment.

Administrative/Biographic History

Ankara Map and Plan Archive is opened to access since the first day VEKAM opened its doors. It became an important collection within the 25 years of the institution by purchases and donations. The collection is still developing.

Copyright & Use

The materials in this collection may only be used for research and education purposes with appropriate sourcing. The intellectual rights of the materials in this collection are reserved under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846. This law is applicable in relation to the reproduction, production or distribution in any sense by any third party individual or institution without the permission of Koç University VEKAM.

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[Title of Material]. (Date). Ankara Map and Plan Archive, Inventory Number, VEKAM Library and Archive, Koç University.

Historical Information

Ankara Map and Plan Archive has been opened to access since VEKAM opened its doors. It became an important collection through the 25 years of the institution by purchases and donations. The collection is still developing.


There isn’t English subject headings in the collection. You must search with “Turkish” keywords.

  • Plan ve Paftalar
  • Pafta
  • Sehir Plani
  • Pafta Plan
  • Yerlesim Plani
  • Fiziki Harita
  • İdari Harita
  • Yerlesim Plani –Ulus
  • Kecioren — Pafta
  • Turistik Sehir Haritasi — Sehir Plani
  • Siyasi Harita
  • Bati Karadeniz Fiziki Harita
  • Harita
  • İmar Plani
  • Plan — Ataturk Orman Ciftligi
  • Siyasi ve İdari Harita
  • Turistik Sehir Haritasi
  • Ulasim Plani — Ulus
  • Adapazari Fiziki Harita
  • Aksaray Fiziki Harita
  • Ankara Kalesi Yerlesim Plani
  • Arkeolojik Harita Turistik Sehir Haritasi
  • Balgat Yerlesim Plani
  • Balkuyumcu İzohips Haritasi — Fiziki Harita
  • Baraj — Etlik Sehir Plani
  • Baraj — Yerlesim Plani — Etlik
  • Bolu Fiziki Harita
  • Cankiri Fiziki Harita
  • Cizim
  • Demiryolu Haritasi
  • Devlet Mezarligi — Plan
  • Emek Emeksan Yapi Kooperatifi
  • Ergazi Fiziki Harita
  • Fiziki Harita — İzohips Haritasi Dikmen
  • Fiziki Harita — Polatli Haymana
  • İzohips Haritasi
  • İzohips Haritasi — Cankaya
  • İzohips Haritasi — Cankaya Fiziki Harita
  • İzohips Haritasi — Fiziki Harita — Dikmen
  • İzohips Haritasi — Fiziki Harita — Kayas
  • İzohips Haritasi –Golbasi –Fiziki Harita
  • Jeoloji Haritasi
  • Karayollari Haritasi
  • Keskin — İzohips Haritasi — Fiziki Harita
  • Kirsehir Fiziki Harita
  • Kroki
  • Kroki — Ankara Savasi
  • Kroki — Balgat
  • Pafta — Siteler
  • Pafta — Yenimahalle
  • Plan
  • Plan — Ankara Kalesi
  • Plan — Bizans Akropolu Augustus Tapinagi
  • Plan — Von Vincke
  • Plan — Yenisehir
  • Sehir Plani — Ulus
  • Sincankoy İzohips Haritasi — Fiziki Harita
  • Tolistobogi Trocmi Tectosages Galatlar
  • Turistik Sehir Haritasi– Yerlesim Plani
  • Turistik Sehir Plani
  • Ulasim
  • Yakupbattal İzohips Haritasi — Fiziki Harita
  • Yapracik İzohips Haritasi — Fiziki Harita
  • Yerlesim Plani — Kecioren
  • Yuva İzohips Haritasi — Fiziki Harita